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OceanX successfully held “OceanX ECM – New Generation Document Management System for HR, Finance and Legal Department ”workshop.

Hong Kong, China – 17nd Dec, 2018 – OceanX Technology Limited and Active e-Solution Limited jointly organized the “ OceanX ECM – New Generation Document Management System for HR, Finance and Legal Department” workshop on 12nd Dec, 2018.


The workshop introduced OceanX ECM for HR, Finance and Legal Department

  • Reliable and Secure System for Managing Confidential Personnel Files
  • Powerful Solution to Organize Financial Documents
  • Create, Share and Collaborate Legal Documents in a Smart and Effective Way


OceanX ECM includes the following features:

  • Human Resources Management – Integrate with Human Resources System. Create, share, move, collaborate and archive critical and confidential personnel files.
  • Handling Financial Documents – Integrate with ERP and Finance System. Centralize and store delivery notes, invoices and supplementary documents.
  • Legal Document Management – Manage legal document life-cycle process – precedents preparation, document version control, approval and audit trial.
  • Outlook Add-in – Outlook Add-in integrates Microsoft Outlook with OceanX ECM system, enables users to store and manage emails directly in Microsoft Outlook interface.
  • Office Add-in – Office Add-in integrates Microsoft Office with OceanX ECM system, enables users to create, manage and edit Microsoft Office documents directly in Microsoft Office interface.
  • OceanX Capture – Powerful business application that can automatically convert paper documents to critical business data for document filing or business applications. Its unique patented CapturePlus technology with advanced function increases OCR accuracy to 99.99%.
  • OceanX PDFX – Convert documents to PDF, adding watermark, bookmark, security setting, table of contents and numbering on the converted files.

The participants responded enthusiastically and raised a lot of questions about OceanX ECM.

Through the workshop, the participants showed great interest in BuildingBlocks, OceanX Capture, Office / Outlook integration, form recognition and workflow.

OceanX will continue to listen to clients’ needs, understand their industry requirements and upgrade enterprise content management solution with better and more efficient functions to meet fast-growing markets.