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SmartVoice Mobile Recording !!New

The Android Call Recorder from SmartVoice is an innovative and highly user-friendly call recording solution that is tailor made for companies and trading markets. This customized, secure and reliable recording system enables you to,

  • Automatically record incoming and outgoing calls of your Android Phone
  • Playback the temporary stored recorded calls from the Android Phone
  • Forward through network the recorded calls as audio files on an external server for future reference & verification
  • Playback the recordings from server on your computer recorder server that digitize the incoming voice information, compress and archive to different media storage device and locations.
SV Mobile Diagram v.1 _ 10 Nov 14


Features :

  • Dynamic Search Criteria: Highly optimized search criteria that help you evaluate and manage the recordings quickly and efficiently. You can save time and optimize business performance by searching and selecting specific calls based on dynamic search criteria.
  • Reliable and Dedicated Server: Reliable and dedicated server to store your all important data. These powerful server support virtually all types of search and playback functions. SmartVoice also support extensive data storage device for backup to ensure that you never lose your important data.
  • Safety and Security Assured: To ensure d authorization. SmartVoice also offer customizable functions that offer different rights and privileges to different users – administrator, agent, operator, auditor and etc.