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SmartVoice Call Recording Solution

SmartVoice is an award winning multi-national company with a long history in the field of voice recording. Our products have been deployed in thousands of call centers and financial markets all around the world. SmartVoice have been proven to improve business results and employee productivity. SmartVoice offer highly customized call recording products and solutions to suit the business needs of our customers. SmartVoice primarily focused on the application of call recording to boost business productivity and closely work with our customers to turn their business communications strategy into their competitive advantage.

SV Product v.1 _ 10 Nov 14

SmartVoice is one of the very few telecommunication?companies catering to the specific needs and requirements of the Asian call centers. Our well renowned products have been deployed in thousands of call centers and have been proven to enhance agent productivity and boost business results. SmartVoice has an in-depth understanding and insight about the diverse IT environment and operational requirements of the contact centers and hence SmartVoice is able to deliver highly customized and productive call recording solutions.