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OceanX ECM

Asia’s 1st Cloud-based Enterprise Content Management System
Support by Innovation and Technology Fund-ITF SERAP, Project reference: E/P047/14

OceanX ECM is a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management system which includes Document Management System, Document Capture, Document Processing Center, Document Share and many powerful features. It supports cloud-based and on-premise. Powerful features like E-mail Management enable users to easily file and search all incoming and outgoing e-mails with attachments; one interface for managing e-mails and ECM. Office Add-in tightly integrates with Microsoft Office, users can directly save documents into OceanX ECM. Its patented technologies like BulidingblocksCapturePlus and ImagePlus increase user adoption rate.

Patented BuildingBlocks technology

What user want is what user get

Development concept of OceanX ECM origins from “The Philosophy of Water”. Its Patented BuildingBlocks Technology is flexible to adapt to different enterprises and change its interface and functionality according to customer’s requirements without programming. It greatly increases user adoption rate and reduces implementation cost.

BuildingBlocks ‘As Flexible as Water’ – easy to configure user interface for different users or groups

BuildingBlocks Powerful User Interface

BuildingBlocks Intuitive User Interface

BuildingBlocks Simple User Interface

BuildingBlocks Mobile Phone User Interface


“Be water my friend.” – by Bruce Lee


Why use ECM?

1. Compliance and Accuracy

  • Increase compliance and accuracy with changing regulations such as BASEL, SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and more…
  • By using templates and automating the document creation process, changes can be made to the templates in advance of the regulatory change date and published at a set time, managing business risks


2. Ensure Consistency & Enforce Standardization

  • Approved corporate terms and language will be used by all staff in your organization
  • Document automation encourages your organization to standardize document terms, best practices and overall look and feel of your organization’s output


3. Enhance Productivity & Efficiency

  • Average worker spends 40% of time managing unimportant documents – PriceWaterhouse Coopers study
  • With ECM, document automation dramatically reduces time for creating complex documents e.g. contracts, court documents and financial statements
  • For legal or professional companies, it speeds up the preparation, settlement and filing of a case


4. Consolidate Expertise & Knowledge Asset  Management

  • Knowledge is shared within an office and across different offices
  • Knowledge is preserved in case of staff turnover


5. Improve Processes

  • Document automation allows instant sharing document across time, staff, and offices


6. Environmental Protection

  • Save trees due to great decrease in paper usage
  • Minimize adverse impacts to environment


7. Higher ROI

  • DC study shows a 5 years ROI of 404%
  • Decrease and even eliminate paper printing
  • Reduced internal & external document storage
  • Improve work efficiency & enhance Productivity
  • Knowledge retention: avoid knowledge assets from missing


8. High security

  • All documents stored in ECM are encrypted with AES 256
  • Administrator in ECM could not access to documents


9. Smart City

  • OceanX ECM makes use of innovation and technology to help government and enterprises achieve paperless office, save cost, improve effectiveness, efficiency and productivity


Office Add-in

Integrate with Microsoft Office

Documents are created, edited and shared within organizations every day and Microsoft Office is one of the most commonly used softwares worldwide for document creation. Office Add-in integrates Microsoft Office with OceanX ECM system. It enables users to Open, Edit, Save or Create Versions of documents in OceanX ECM directly from Microsoft Office Interface, protect ‘Single Version of the Truth’. All actions can be done simply in Microsoft Office interface without moving to OceanX ECM system.

Trademark by software developer

Outlook Add-in

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook

In business world, email is still playing a critical role in business communication. Every day, millions of emails relating to enquiries, messages, strategies and decisions attached with important documents are sent and received. So, a proper storage and management of emails become necessary in workplace. Microsoft Outlook Add-in integrates with OceanX ECM system, enabling users to store and manage emails directly in Outlook interface.

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