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OceanX ECM

Fax ServerOceanX Cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

-Support Cloud-based and On-premise Implementation

OceanX ECM (Enterprise Content Management) support the cloud-based and multi-tenancy implementation. It is the content management solution where organization can securely discuss, share, and collaborate on critical business content. OceanX ECM refers to the process of information lifecycle started from creation, management, publication, archival and eventually disposal.


Why uses OceanX Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

  • User Centric Enterprise Content Management – As Flexible As Water
  • Innovative ad Patented Building Blocks Technology
  • Cloud and Web-based system
  • Support Multi-sites
  • Cross-platform Support – Linux, Unix & Windows
  • Support Mutiple Devices – PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad, mobile phone etc.
  • Comprehensive Functionality – Fully functional Enterprise Content Management in includes Capture, Business Processes, Task Management and Document Management
  • High Security – AES 256 encryption, masking, version control, zero foot print, audit trial
  • Cost Saving – No expensive Microsoft Windows & SQL/Oracle Database needed
  • High Performance, Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • High ROI – Different studies show long-term cost savings such as A record of 404% fice-year ROI from IDC study, an estimation of USD $1-5 savings per document after using Enterprise Content Management from EDI Group; and an estimation of 40% document-related cost decrease from Gartner, Inc. Other savings include: a huge elimination of labor cost, a large reduction in paper printing cost and great saving of documents storage cost and space. Knowledge can be retented in this way to avoid knowledge assets from missing.
Features of OceanX ECM

  • Cloud-based /On-premise System
  • Multi-platforms
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Outlook-like interface
  • Outlook Integration
  • Self-defined User Interface Business Process
  • Unicode
  • Universal Viewer
  • Tightly Integrated with OceanX DPC
  • Tightly Integrated with Oceanfax
  • Web-based Access