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OceanX DPC

Total Web-based Intelligent Information Capture Solution


What is OceanX DPC

OceanX DPC (Document Processing Centre) is a web-based information capture solution. It can capture and classify information from hard copy documents. Documents can be integrated and distributed to appropriate people, departments, or backend systems such as ERP, CRM, ECM, SAP and workflow.


OceanX DPC allows companies to distribute tasks across physical sites regardless of their geographic locations. It provides remote users abilities to capture information from documents. In this way, users and companies can reduce operational costs and streamline business process.Users can easily capture meaningful information by just using a web browser in OceanX DPC. Once document image is captured from a scanner, MFPs and Oceanfax, OceanX DPC can recognize the form and capture the relevant information using different technologies such as OCR, ICR and OMR.

Any forms, any documents, OceanX DPC provides the tools you need to handle high-volume documents automatically.


– Accounting : Expense reports, invoices, purchase orders
– Customer Service : Order forms, warranty claims, service requests, consultation forms
– Human Resources : Employment Applications, performance evaluations, vacation requests
– Marketing : Surveys, Event Registrations, Product E ons, Research test forms
– Government : License Applications, Census Forms, Tax Forms, vehicle registrations, Business and Building Permits
– Education : Student Applications, Test Results, Financial Aid
– Healthcare : Claim Forms, Prescription Orders, Patient Encounter Forms
– Production : Work Orders, Requisition Forms, shipping, Receiving Documents
– Finance : Loan Applications, Credit Reports, New Accounts


How OceanX DPC works

SCAN/CAPTURE : Images can be captured into OceanX DPC using different methods such as Scanner, MFP, Fax Server, Email or Manual Upload.


CLASSIFY : OceanX DPC can classify documents automatically using different technologies such as Form Recognition, Barcode, OCR and Separator Page.


RECOGNITION : OceanX DPC makes use of different technologies to extract information from documents. These technologies include, barcode, OCR, ICR and OMR.


VALIDATION : OceanX DPC allows users to verify the recognition results or allows them to input data manually before further processing. It enables multiple users to review or input data in the same document to reduce the chance of human error.





OceanX DPC understands customer needs to protect confidential data. It allows administrator to control the information that can be viewed by different users for the same documents. When extracting customer information from a form such as Name, Phone Number and ID, administrator can assign user A to review ?Name? field only and assign user B to review ?ID? and ?Phone Number? field. Thus, customer information can be protected.


EXPORT : After the data capture process completed, OceanX DPC can export data and images for further processing. Data file can be exported in XML or CSV formats. OceanX DPC also allows customer to export data to their backend system through custom script.


CONNECTOR : Customer may find some pre-built connectors available to connect OceanX DPC with their backend system such as ERP (Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft Dynamics, iScala and CheckEAM) and ECM