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OceanX Capture

Patented CapturePlus Technology

Speed up Capture. Automate Indexing. Streamline Connectivity.

OceanX Capture is a powerful business application that can automatically convert paper document into critical business data for document filing or business applications. It classify, extract, scan, index, and export documents to places such as ERP system, OceanX ECM or other document management systems.
Users can capture useful information from devices through scanner, MFP; integration through email, website, OceanFax or even from manual uploads. OceanX Capture software support multiple capture technologies such as OCR, OMR, ICR, form recognition, QR code, automatically extracting critical information to accelerate data processing time, transforming paper into information to securely release documents.
The unique patent CapturePlus technology (APP Patent No.: 201610520085.5) makes scanned document become more clean and clear to increase OCR rate. It is the best technology to enhance OCR accuracy to 99.99%.