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OceanFax Cloud Fax

Offload Your IT Burden, Reduce Costs by 90%

Send & Receive Fax Anytime, Anywhere


To reduce the IT burden of OceanFax clients, OceanX delivers OceanFax Cloud Fax Service by moving OceanFax to cloud, allowing users to send and receive documents through cloud service efficiently, securely and affordably. OceanFax Cloud Fax provides all the advanced features that OceanFax Fax Server provides, while eliminating software, hardware and maintenance costs, phone lines, fax channels and on-premise fax infrastructure. OceanFax clients no longer have to worry about software and hardware maintenance, which will save you a great deal of time and labor costs in managing your own fax infrastructure. Furthermore, fax transmits via cloud and users do nothing differently.

OceanFax Cloud Fax Benefits Highlights

  • Reduce fax cost by 90% – eliminating the cost of fax software, hardware and maintenance costs and telephony infrastructure
  • 100% offload your IT burden – wholly putting it on us
  • Streamline business processes to improve efficiency – seamless integration with regular applications such as Email, ERP, CRM and MFPs
  • Enhance data security – creating a reliable and secure network environment for collaborations between branch offices and mobile workforces



  • Offer the great budget flexibility on monthly basis
  • Go live within just a couple of days
  • Instantly respond to your inbound and outbound volume needs with no capacity constraints
  • Deliver 24×7 service & ensure ≥99.99% uptime