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OceanFax Fax Server

No.1 Best Selling & Award Winning Fax Server

Fax ServerOceanFax Fax Server is the most innovative world-class fax server. It is designed to support high-volume document delivery in an efficient and reliable way. Built on .NET technology, OceanFax is the first fax server brand in the field to support Unicode, Multi-language, Fax Data Mining, Super User, Black & White List, Windows on the Web, Fax Report Generator and Approval & Stamp. Besides, OceanFax achieves the highest quality of fax conversion with its original Image Plus Patent Technology, supports Least Cost Routing, Self-defined Chinese & Image Header & Footer and Quick Search.

It is worth pointing out that OceanFax can also seamlessly integrate into Email (Exchange, Lotus Notes, SMTP Mail), ERP (Oracle, SAP, IBM), FoIP for the gateways (Cisco, Avaya, AudioCodes, Alcatel) and MFPs (HP, Ricoh, Canon, Fuji Xerox). With the innovative features and rich applications, OceanFax enables organizations to streamline workflow, improve efficiency and achieve total automation.

Innovative Features

  • Unicode
  • Multi-language and Self-defined Interface
  • Super User
  • Black & White List
  • Windows on the Web
  • Fax Data Mining
  • Fax Report Generator
  • Approval & Stamp
  • Image Plus Technology
  • Fax over IP (FoIP)

Major Features

  • ?Auto Backup & Single-click Restore
  • Auto Archive
  • Delegates
  • Fax Matching
  • Fax Cost Accounting
  • Email Integration
  • Outlook Fax Form
  • MFP Integration
  • Production Fax (ERP Integration)
  • Mass Fax & Auto Fax Report
  • High Availability, Scalability & Stability
  • Disaster Recovery
  • High Interoperability
  • Intelligent Least Cost Routing
  • VM Solution with Remote Card Servers
  • Data Security & Https/SSL transfer
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Auto Reply
  • Built-in Fax Viewer/Editor
  • Fax Preview
  • Fax Manager
  • Inbound Fax Routing
  • Inbound & Outbound Rules
  • ODBC Phonebook
  • Schedule Delay
  • Quick Search
  • Hold Fax
  • Quick Search & Filter
  • Auto Forward & Print
  • Custom Cover Sheet, Header & Footer
  • Custom Fields & Labels
  • Custom Notification
  • Fax to Folder with XML
  • Time Stamp


For Enterprises:

  • Reduce operational costs
    • Reduce fax machines and consumables costs
    • Reduce telephone expense
    • Reduce paper cost
    • Reduce IDD cost by Intelligent Least-Cost Routing
  • Achieve total fax automation and improve efficiency
    • Integrate seamlessly with Email, Back-ends and MFPs
    • Improve efficiency by automating fax delivery
    • Streamline business process and accelerate business cycle
  • Support Black & White List to block junk faxes or prevent sending faxes to unpermitted recipients for regulatory compliance
  • High flexibility to adapt to any industry and business environment
  • Free up resources for more value-added activities
  • Extending the existing systems
  • Realize paperless operations by converting paper-based document into electronically

For Users?

  • Improve efficiency
    • Directly send fax from desktop, and no need to queue up in peak hour for the limited numbers of fax machines
    • Eliminate manual work
    • Support fax broadcasting
  • Intuitive interface, easy to learn and use
  • High data security and privacy protection
  • Easy to track and monitor fax status by email notification and real-time fax status

For System Administrators:

  • Built on .NET Technology, Highly compatible with Microsoft system
  • Support highly reliable Dialogic ?Diva? to ensure system stability
  • Modular design, easy to configure
  • Central management & maintenance
  • Support auto data backup to avoid data loss
  • Built-in & powerful fax report generator

For Society:

  • Achieve paperless operation and friendly to environment