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Large Rooms


With 10 meters (32.8 ft) of reach, the plenum-rated Logitech Strong USB cable lets you locate Tap near participants for convenient operation while installing the Meet Compute System in a cabinet, beneath a table, or behind a display

Large Room + Tap Riser Mount


  • Logitech Rally Plus (2 speakers, 2 mic pods)
  • Logitech Tap Touch Controller
  • Logitech Strong USB 10m
  • Meet Compute System Mount
  • Pre-Configured Meet Compute System
  • Rally Mounting Kit
  • Rally Mic Pod Hub


Optional Accessories

  • Tap Table Mount
  • Tap Riser Mount
  • Tap Wall Mount
  • Logitech Strong USB 25m
  • Rally Mic Pod (up to 7 total)
  • Rally Mic Pod Hub
  • Rally Mic Pod Mount