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OceanX ECM

Fax ServerOceanX Cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

-Support Cloud-based and On-premise Implementation

OceanX ECM (Enterprise Content Management) support the cloud-based and multi-tenancy implementation. It is the content management solution where organization can securely discuss, share, and collaborate on critical business content. OceanX ECM refers to the process of information lifecycle started from creation, management, publication, archival and eventually disposal.


Why use OceanX ECM

OceanX ECM is aimed to make the management of corporate information easier through simplifying storage, security, version control, process routing, and retention. With OceanX ECM, organizations can improve the efficiency, have better control, and reduce business costs.

OceanX ECM not only provides user-friendly interface which integrates with Outlook, it makes email management much easier. Moreover, it provides web-based interface for users to access OceanX ECM from any devices.

Features of OceanX ECM

  • Cloud-based /On-premise System
  • Multi-platforms
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Outlook-like interface
  • Outlook Integration
  • Self-defined User Interface Business Process
  • Unicode
  • Universal Viewer
  • Tightly Integrated with OceanX DPC
  • Tightly Integrated with Oceanfax
  • Web-based Access